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Samuel Adams Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Samuel Adams - Research Paper ExampleOne of the satisfying individuals is Samuel Adams. Most people associated the name not with our liberty and freedom, but with the beer franchise by the same name. His ploughshare to this country goes far beyond malt liquor. In fact, Samuel Adams was more than just a Politian he was wizard of the architects of the revolution and the face of independence. With his contributions with the Sons of Liberty, being a colonial leader, and more he was one of the most portentous people in Americas pursuit to freedom and independence.Samuel Adams was born September 27, 1722 to Samuel and Mary Adams in Boston, Massachusetts. He had in total 11 siblings but only 2 of them would survive past the board of three. Politics were a part of Adams family. His father was a successful local pol and his cousin, John Adams, would one day be elected the second President of the United States (Biography Channel 2014). Samuel tended to(p) is initial education in a sm to ut ensemble schoolhouse, but he was taught both Greek and Latin. At the age of 14 he entered Harvard University and graduated in 1740. However, after college he was not entirely sealed where he would focus his life. He was not interested in the brewery company options. His earliest attempts to establish his proclaim businesses went poorly, mostly because Adams was not particularly good with finances. He wouldultimately, begin working for his father and would marry his commencement wife, Elizabeth Checkley, in 1749. She brought six children into the world, but died shortly after the stillbirth of her youngest child in 1757 along with all but two of their children, a son Samuel and a daughter Hannah. Career issues continued to plague Adams. He became a tax collector from 1753-1765, however, his loss of approximately 8000 pounds due to sheer negligence he was sticking out(p) of his position. He ultimately repaid the monies lost from his own pocket. It was not until he married his s econd wife, Elizabeth Wells,

CASE STUDIES Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

CASE STUDIES - Essay ExampleThat is, the gestation period of any travel describes including lonesome Planet is an extended one due the need for extensive homework. Because of which, a somewhat, same kind of reading or even a better current version is provided by the website. So, this out-datedness in the travel guide will be the issue for a number of customers who use both Internet and the books. So, the solution to centralize revenue losses or operational frictions is to promote each vehicle as different entities, agree to the markets needs. That is, there are still markets where Internet technology have not amend much, in those places travel guides should be promoted. Then, people while traveling will not be adapted to access Internet any time, for them the travel guides of Lonely Planet will be feasible and so this segment of markets empennage be targetedWith the advent of Internet and wireless technologies, the scope for Lonely Planet to mystify has increased, a lot furt her. That is, equivalent its joint venture with Nokia, in which Lonely Planet provides city guides on mobile phones, it could provide the city guides along with digitized maps to all telecom providers. That is, if it has a joint venture with telecom companies, it can reach more mobiles. As mobiles have become a lifeless extension of hand, which can be carried anywhere including during travel, Lonely Planet could expand its base. Then for the users of Internet, it can introduce features or products like seeing a virtual image of tourist spots like what Google earth is doing. Also, all the former issues of Lonely Planets Travel guide that were published from 1970s can be digitized and do available as download able files for a fee, because all the new and young readers cannot access the antecedent issues in book form. So, with this launch of new products the customers concerns about timeliness and currency of culture can be looked after. That is, with the use of

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Module 3 Cash Flow Estimation BHS427 Health Care Finance (AUG2014-1) Essay - 1

staff 3 coin Flow Estimation BHS427 Health C atomic number 18 Finance (AUG2014-1) (SLP) - Essay ExampleSecondly, the backup needs to look at some of the investments made by the organization in terms of creating afterlife growth. Failure to outlay the investments made by the organization may result in the investments being reason as capital expenditures (Damodaran, 2011).In the estimation of cash flows, certain advantages and disadvantages may arise from the entire process. Cash flow estimation is seen as a way of attaining an organizations determine or identify of return (Juhsz, 2011). Cash flows in and out of an organizations projects are often used as inputs in various financial models, which in turn, assist an organization in determining the overall value placed on certain projects. Also, a businesss liquidity can be placed through cash flow estimation. It is imperative for businesses to find out if there is the availability of cash at hand, regardless of whether the bus iness or organization is making profits from its operations. Cash flow estimations may bode if the business is likely to fail, especially if they predict a shortage of cash in the business. Furthermore, cash flows are often used to assess the worth of income generated from certain projects (Damodaran, 2011).What this implies is that some of the projects carried out by organizations or businesses may fail to bring in the required or intended organizational targets, which means they may be of low quality. Cash flows provide the intended forecast to prevent long-term investments in such projects, which means that most organizations are capable of conducting operations that are composed of large cash items often considered broad(prenominal) quality. Lastly, cash flows determine the risks involved with certain projects. Negative earnings need to be identified in cash flow estimations because they tend to become problematic at the end of a financial period. In this case, earnings need t o be adjusted to reflect the effects of the accounting management. When an

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Week 3-Sheila Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Week 3-Sheila - Coursework ExampleThey hit this move with an aim of increasing the knowledge base the organization is going to rely on when qualification decisions. However, this technological move comes with the challenge of squad members lacking trust in one another. Therefore, the management has to picture some instruments in order to create trust in police squad players (Allison, 2013).The first factor is employing of right communication tools to be subroutined by the globally distributed worker teams. Such tools should be those which can be used to make long distance communications effectively. They should also be appealing enough so that the team can at least trust the channel used to pass the information. For example the use of videoconferencing is appropriate in instilling trust in team members (Boundless.com, 2014).Commitment among the members is another key factor that determines the trust that globally distributed worker teams leave alone have on each other. Commi tted team members exit ensure they are always ready to participate, and the work they do is perfect. In such a campaign the team players in different parts of the world will trust the knowledge and work through with their fellows as out-of-the-way(prenominal) as they may be situated (Carmody, 2012).Having common goals as a team is another factor that builds trust in the globally distributed team. The common goals are going to bring the team players together and this is a way of building trust among them. For example, with common goals, members will trust the information brought in by another member since they all believe in satisfying same goals (Chesebro, 2012).Organizational admission is one of the new technologies that improve communication among members of an organization or a team who are far away from each other. The tool is based on the idea of creating many platforms that every member will use to communicate to the rest of the team. the technology behind creating a porta l for a team or organization is supported with a

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Managing Cultral Diversity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Managing Cultral novelty - Essay ExampleEmploying a diverse spurtforce helps the organization to deal with diverse groups of clients. However, these companies leave alone subscribe to admit effective revolution and inclusion strategies in order to retain their diverse workforce. This paper will seek to analyze how Nike, Adidas, and Puma handle diversity through a review of information on their websites. The confederation with the best diversity policy would be the best to work in for most concourse on the job market. For Nike, their mission has to do with the athletes and innovation, as well as inspiration that they give these athletes. Additionally, the company has various guiding principles that they expect their staff to adhere to, including that their main goal is innovation and that they should maintain Nikes brand image (Nikeinc.com 1). When it comes to diversity, Nikes website has a lot of information on their policy for inclusivity. According to their website, Nike re lies on a diverse workforce in order to diversify their perspective, background, and opinion. They withal harness their diversity to hearten ideas and innovation. From their website, it is clear that innovation is a central theme. In fact, Nike has a Diversity and Inclusion team whose responsibilities imply sharing the essential nature of diversity and inclusion with the aim of building understanding and awareness, the utilization of diversity and inclusion in order to create inspiration for new ideas, and to encourage connections between players in their tot up chain and within the organization (Nikeinc.com 1). According to the website, Nike alike develops Nike Networks that seek to aid Nike in making increase strides towards diversity (Nikeinc.com 1). For example, in the United States, there are six networks for employees that are designed to focus on important communities working for the company. Each of the networks intended purpose is to improve work performance, master k ey development, assist the company to recruit diverse expertnessed employees, and improve interaction and teamwork across their various work groups. These networks are central to the company given their prominence on their website, and they include the Native American employee network, the Hispanic employee network, the African American employee network, Asia-Pacific employee network, and the LGBT employee network (Nikeinc.com 1). The next website of the study was that belonging to Adidas, which also dealt with the issue of diversity, albeit not as prominently as Nike. The Adidas group, like Nike, aims to become the global leader in the industry by creating brands that have a passion for sports and the accompanying lifestyle (Adidas-group.com 1). Information on the website says that they are committed to the continuous alter of their products and brands to improve their competitiveness, that they are leaders in design and innovations seeking to aid athletes in reaching their highe st skill levels with each product, and that they are focused on their clients with continuous improvements in quality (Adidas-group.com 1). In addition, the company is also a global entity with increased focus on environmental and social responsibility, which seeks to embrace diversity and creativity, whereas also being financially rewarding to shareholders, as well as employees. According to Adidas

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Mid-Term Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Mid-Term Exam - Essay illustrationOn the other hand, there are data that lead to the assumption that race can be a decisive criterion for the illegal behaviour against juveniles. The views of the theory do not seem to check into totally on such an aspect, however it would be rather difficult to formulate a dead assumption since the identification of the exact reasons of a specific criminal behaviour can just expect (as already explained above). A series of issues like the personal experiences and the stress can severely affect compassionate behaviour and in these terms the criminal behaviour against juveniles could not be considered as having a situation cause. However, the weakness of juveniles to respond to the attack (psychological or physical) is regarded as a common reason for the development of criminal behaviour against them. In the case of suicide, it is also this weakness of juveniles to respond to the pressure of a particular difficulty.The statistics involving in t he criminal behaviour against juveniles are indicative of the extension of the problem. More specifically, in accordance with a series of statistics published by the Youth Violence Research Bulletin (2004) between 1981 and 1998, 20,775 juveniles ages 717 affiliated suicide in the United Statesnearly as many as were homicide or cancer victims males were the victims in 78% of these juvenile suicides over the same period, the suicide rate for American Indian juveniles was far high than for any other race. It seems from the above figures that there is a relation between suicide and race. Conditions of vivification or work can be considered as potential reasons for the above differentiation. Towards the same direction, in a research made by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention it has been found that a albumen juvenile between ages 7 and 17 was nearly 1.5 times more likely to commit

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Bookstore Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Book break in - Essay ExampleThe consistency of the crowd reflected that this book was aimed at an audience with a literary inclination and a level of intellect to understand and appreciate cranky subjects like the one covered in A Million Nightingales. Eavesdropping into low pitched conversations around me kick upstairs confirmed that almost both person present there was a connoisseur of history and literature. The differently quaint and silent book- store was now filled with soft murmurs and muffled discussions as people bunched into groups and transfer views and opinions about the book and the author. the ambience was very appropriate for a literary event as every member of the group was focused on the purpose. The much awaited moment arrived as Susan Straight walked into the store and seated herself on the podium after a warm greeting and a smile. SusanStraight is a benignant looking woman and a mother of three daughters and teaches creative piece at the University of Cali fornia, Riverside. She does most of her writing by hand in little notebooks whenever she gets a few odd minutes to spare. I notice from one of her interviews that she firmly believes in the dictum that When you read all the time, language comes naturally to you.

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Paleontogly Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Paleontogly - Research Paper ExampleThe contemporary representation of this sexual dimorphism is that it is a single, unidimensional phenomenon that is displayed to greater (e.g. gorillas, orangutans) or less(prenominal)er (e.g. benignants) degrees in the different primate species (Oxnard, 1987, 2). Furthermore, it is commonly believed to be in the first place related to variations in general size of the body between sexes (Levinton, 2001). The implication for evolutionary theory is, that serviceman sexual dimorphism in the past must have been significantly greater than it is in the present day, perhaps more like that in the living primates (Oxnard, 1987).Understanding the human ancestry is regarded as superstar of the challenges in exploring human evolution. Nonetheless, several fossil hunters appear to believe that this implies that their mission is to find the pieces of the exact human antecedent in the field (Elewa, 2004). Similarly, several laboratory examiners appear to be lieve that this implies that their mission is proving that a certain(p) fossil relic is that ancestor (Serafini, 1993). Exploring human evolution, even in the mind of the public, appears to be this issue of move from missing to show links (Oxnard, 1987, 2). The challenge appears to be the unearthing of ancestors. But what is the certainty of this undertaking?Even from a population as large and concentrated as that of any major metropolitan field of operations, and over as many as hundreds of generations, the statistical changes of any particular individual ever becoming fossilized and found by a paleontologist millions of eld later must be almost infinitesimal. How much less must be the chances of finding representatives of populations of perhaps only a few thousand, scattered over an area of the world as large as Africa or Asia, during periods of time measured in hundreds of thousands, even millions of years (Oxnard, 1987, 3).Once humans are thousand years ahead of a death, pos sibly tens of thousands of

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Operations management (see assignment requirements) Essay

Operations management (see grant requirements) - Essay Example2. The Range of Technologies in the Modern Retail Industry An streamlined supply strand involves better inventory management and reducing the time from the procurement to the final delivery. For these purposes both supply range strategies and supply chain technologies are integrated into supply chain management to result in an efficient network of logistics. These technologies include transportation, management and communication technologies which work hand in hand to lead to an ontogenesis of the supply chain. tuition technology and decision support system are some of the common technologies be used in todays supply chain management. IT is implemented in the supply chain for strategic planning, practical(prenominal) enterprise and knowledge management. An early(a) reason why IT is frequently used is the E-Commerce factor of businesses these days(Ngai, 2004).These technologies ensure that a sophisticated analysis of the abundant available data is made possible and the results are used to bind a competitive edge in the market(Simchi-Levi, 2003). Business redesigning and the implementation of technology in business are often considered to be complimentary with each other. Therefore the integration of technology is bound to change the type of retailing operations. IT is a design tool used for knowledge and business management to produce palpable results such as time reduction, cost reduction and an improvement in the output quality. (Michael Lewis, p. 103) These innovations in Information Technology include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Electronic data Interchange (EDI), Pints of sales (POS) and other selective information Mining (DM) technologies. These have radically changed the way retailers do their business and brought about efficiency by reducing labour costs, improving inventory accuracy, reducing lead time and increasing the rate of nightclub fill. Points of sales (POS) POS has been in use since the 1980s and it facilitates the sale of products by entry and access of products in stores. POS allows for automatic and dynamic updates of inventory and sales data when sales occur. Thus this system is frequently used for store transactions, refunds, gold authorizations, exchanging issues and inventory tracking. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) RFID is a generic name for technologies which use radio waves to get a line and track objects. It identifies the items by reading a tag and a considerable amount of selective selective information is communicable by just reading of the tag by the reader. This technology can capture product information which can be up to 40 times more than the typical barcode technology. RFID works as an information facilitator which can directly help in developing and aiding decision making in the supply chain. The briny features of RFID are real and automatic data capture, enhanced information quality and support for busine ss transactions. Data Mining (DM) Data mining is a process of extracting knowledge from a large database to build predictive models for business decision making. It is used to make strategic and tactical decisions such as sales forecasting, customer acquisition and retention. From the supply chain point of view, they can also be used to make in operation(p) decisions like supplier

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Whatever the artical is talking about something over Article

Whatever the artical is talking about something over - Article ExampleHowever, Leovy notes that this approach by the law of nature has not yielded positive results in terms of reduction of homicides among the African American fellowship.The article by Leovy has a relationship to economic theory. I find this relationship in the manner in which the pro breedingration of homicide, which is a horror under the constitution, is prevalent among the African American communities in America, despite the existence of laws and a criminal rightness system to deter and deal with such crimes. The economic theory of crime is rooted in the address benefit relationship. Under this theory, people commit crime rationally when they perceive that doing so pull up stakes cast more benefits than risks. I find this element in Leovys article. The criminals committing murders in the African American community do not perceive greater risks in doing so. They commit the murders because they know that the r isk of beingness brought to justice is low compared to the perceived benefits. For example, if an individual has some grudge with another because of an illegal drug deal, I regain he will have more economic reason to eliminate the enemy by murdering him. This will be more beneficial in the sense that the individual will have no competition. Yet, the chances of being arrested, taken to court, and sentenced is slim. Therefore, I recollect that Leovys argument is based on economic theory.However, I believe that if the criminal justice system, particularly the police, responded effectively to murder crimes by arresting the suspects and taking them through the due course of the law, the crime levels would reduce. After all, no individual would want to spend his or her entire life in prison for murder. This will mean that the risk or cost of committing murder will be higher than the perceived crime. In addressing crime from an economic theory perspective, the criminal justice system ought to

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The Role of Strategic PR Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

The Role of Strategic PR - Essay ExampleThe first priority will be entrenching the image of Unilever UK as a healthy, eco-friendly, and happiness-inducing company. With this foundation should come smaller, internal and external campaigns to spread the unbendable declaration of these ideas to the Government, trendsetters within the community, investors, Unilever UK employees, and both traditional and social media outlets. Each situation has unique challenges and potential rewards, and frankincense must have tailored campaigns. In addition, Unilever UK will push into the young boy and girl deodourant market with the introduction of Dove Boy and Dove Girl. This will utilize some of the strategies of Unilever UK as a whole, with the addition of some specific marketing moves. The first step is to analyze the position and necessary resolution for Unilever UK to achieve its goals in 2011. A combination of anti-corporatism and fiscal restraint by individuals and the government alike has r esulted in a new set of problems for Unilever UK. The UK had a .5% decrease in the fourth quarter of 2010, and expected gross domestic product for 2011 was recently reduced to 1.5% (Archer, 2011). Because of this, consumers in the UK will spend less than before the global recession. Thus, marketing techniques and results must be upgraded if Unilever UK is to maintain or expand its current position. Positively, commensurate with the decline in the global thriftiness came a decline in demand for advertisements, making advertize prices in the UK through traditional media fall out significantly (Daily Mail Reporter, 2009). But pure economics will not make Unilever UKs advertising plans successful- it will take a seasonal, trendy, and multi-genre campaign to ensure Unilever UK improves its sales and image as much as possible. Also, Unilever UK needs to maintain positive relations with the government of the UK, which has taken the middle ground on corporate relations, both prosecuting (Murphy, 2011) and permitting (Sweney, 2011) anti-competitive practices. Good relations with the media, influential individuals, investors, employees and the traditional media will depend on a personalisedized kind with each, coupled with the enforcement of the companies values across the spectrum of society. Next, it is necessary to determine the aim of Unilever UK for this year. 2011 needs to be a year of enforcing the values of Unilever UK. That is always working with integrity, positive impact, continuous commitment, setting out our aspirations, and working with others (Unilever). To conjure up all of these values, Unilever UK should utilize a widespread campaign to garner in the ordinary eye(predicate) support. This should include traditional and untraditional media. Also, Unilever UK should ensure the support of the government, influential individuals, investors, employees, and the media. Some specific objectives of the campaign should be increasing the positive public o pinion of Unilever UK, to be determined through non-invasive surveys and scouring opinions on the Internet. If an instance of a negative public image of Unilever UK comes about, Unilever UK should respond with a reasonable out showing of goodwill, addressing the problem directly, on as personal a level as possible, and positively. Another of Unilever UKs objectives for 2011 should be to establish a personal relationship and dialogue with as many players in the UK marketplace as possible. This means Unilever UK must establish itself as an available resource on social media, as well as

Persuasive speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Persuasive speech - Essay guinea pigThey are made to think that they ease up to case a certain way and admit in a certain mold to be considered a real woman. (Wolf 89)Is this the kind of treatment that we really desire? What will become of our society if we continue to feed such insecurities and impossible standards of beauty? Women should not be subject to any form of standard or expectation, because not only does it ruin their confidence in their own bodies, it in any case creates in them the idea that they are less human if they do not befuddle thigh gaps. It is incredibly unfair to put these kinds of criteria on them, because it limits them from feeling beautiful just the way they are. It also creates in the female race a sort of discriminative separation between the thin and fat. What makes it worse is that the benchmarks of aesthetics never really lasts a long m. If these standards change, women must again adjust and change to fit the societys new idea of beauty.A long time ago, there was a time when the plump women were considered the most beautiful girls. However, as hundreds of years have passed, we have seen a great release in the perception of beauty. Now, stick-thin girls are being looked up to as models for aesthetic perfection girls with twenty-inch waistlines, projecting collarbones, and patent thigh gaps. (Blood, 11)As we have witnessed in the recent years, more and more young teenage girls have battled with multiple eating disorders, and mental or psychological problems because of the issue on self-image. There is an increasing issue of girls today that are suffering from disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Many have also resolved to bully and even suicide because they cant handle the bullying that happens in school and the pressure to look like what they see in these magazines, billboards and movies. (Goebels 5) Some girls have even lost their

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Fin 352 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fin 352 - Essay ExampleSecuritization is the pooling of various contractual debt types alike commercial and residential mortgages and selling them in consolidation to various investors as pass-through securities, bonds or as collateralized mortgage obligation.Receivables are taken off vestibular sense sheet then replaced with equivalents in cash. This improves an originators balance sheet, securitization can thus enhance the managerial control over structure and size of a orders balance sheet.Financial leverage refers to the techniques used to multiply either gains or losses. Many clock it involves buying a lot of assets using borrowed funds in anticipation that the appreciation will be higher than the borrowing cost.In futures markets, leverage is having control over coarse cash amounts for commodities that have relatively small capital levels. In futures markets, price leveraging is common resulting in small changes in futures prices translating into huge gains or

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Essentials of contemporary communication Assignment

Essentials of contemporary communication - date ExampleThe three skills most in demand are ability for versatile teamwork, problem solving, and communication. mess are expected to work well with others and be able to switch easily from team to team, depending on the project. This implies a capacity for quick learning, high adaptability, and composure under pressure.This is an extension of teaming up and versatility a work. state who can recognize problems and implement solutions are esteemed by companies. Not only the management unavoidably them such people are the darlings of colleagues everywhere, and also of HR managers. Such people are blessed with the traits of mentation creatively, visualizing and suggesting solutions, knowing what to learn and how to do that at the right time.Communication skills are not just for professional advancement. Even as a personal trait it is very essential to be a delicious member of any group in family or society. But it has an added signific ance in the workplacefrom acting the routine work, to securing timely promotions and wage hikes. Todays communication needs can be separate broadly into three areaswritten, oral and technological. Written lot of documentation, reporting, correspondence and filling up of forms is involved in usual work. Excellence in these areas is necessary to cut ones way through occupational group goals. Oral Simple speech communication matters a lot in todays workplace. unafraid skills at this is needed for successfully selling your ideas to your manager for project approval, happy appraisal of work do and moving up the career ladder, giving instructions, understanding instructions and implementing things, maintaining rapport with co-workers of different levels and temperament, fruitful telephonic deals, interviewing people and gathering information, making presentations and a lot more. Technology Proficiency with communication channels alike(p) telephone, fax, email,

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Criticize the article Francis Fukuyama "The end of History" Essay

Criticize the article Francis Fukuyama The abrogate of History - study ExamplePrior to the release of his article, Francis Fukuyama was an unknown state department official but after the observation of his journal titled The End of History? he was regularly mentioned and attracted various responses. His interpretations were heavy borrowed and adapted from G.M.F. Hegel, a German philosopher. Hegel was of the idea that history had reached its block in the year 1806 after Napoleon defeated the Prussian Monarchy. It is along these lines that Fukuyama identifies the main hurdles to liberal democracy, and they are Fascism and communism. Fukuyama states that these two ideologies have oddmented with fascism facing its end after the defeat of Italy, Germany and Japan in the Second World state of war. On the other hand, communism met its end after the recent economic and political concessions in China and the Soviet Union (Herwitz, 2005).After both the ideologies, Fukuyama affirms that Western liberal democracy is the outright superchargener. The save remaining adversaries are religious fundamentalism and some aspects of nationalism. Fukuyama stated that history was full of struggles meant to realize the freedom idea that is etched on our consciousness. His thoughts must have been heavily influenced by the end of the Cold War, and this led him to assert that it marked the end of history. The end of the Cold War was an apparent triumph of capitalist and liberal ideologies of western nations. The events of the Cold War had shown a clear win by the United States and her allies. He used this to conclude that it was the universalization of Western liberal ideologies and also marked the end of humankinds ideological evolution (Herwitz, 2005).By the time when this article appeared in the National Interest, large number could not disagree with Fukuyama. The Soviet Union was about to disintegrate, and so was the Berlin Wall. Everything that was happening at that time suggested that it was only liberal capitalist democracies that

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Sociology Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sociology Religion - see ExampleThe wedding itself is considered to be a sacrifice to the fire deity, Agni. A wedding ceremony cannot hence be considered complete without the completion of the fire ritual. In the ritual, sacred fire encirclements are made most the bride and the clip to signify unity. This custom is however getting faced out with some of the religions within the Hindi nicety. The wedding culminates after a precision of processes that include courtship and the pre-wedding. During courtship, the brides parents and the neatens parents check out on common terms for their son and daughter to begin dating. The dating is however formal and restricted. During this time, the grooms parents organize visits to the prospective brides home and take their son along with them. Such is meant for the bride and the groom to first get acquainted formally. Then, informal meetings between the cardinal can be arranged for them to break away a connection. During this time, it is evaluate that a lady may have some(prenominal) suitors and date them till the take over time to choose a suitor. The same is the case with the man. The prospective groom has to go on some(prenominal) dates to find the compatible partner for there to be a match. The pre-wedding ceremony involves engagement in which two forms of engagement are done. The verbal engagement, known as the vagdana and the written agreement is known as lagna-patra. unify arrangements begin immediately the lagna-patra is signed as the wedding is taken seriously and may take several feasting days depending on the wealth of the couple. Typically, the celebrations begin when the bride is taken to her new home but it may be by the time the dowry is paid. In India, the bride pays the dowry unlike most cultures and religions where the groom is expected to pay the dowry. A wedding ceremony is considered set apart and thus conducted using the holy language Sanskrit. However, as times change, some wedding ritu als have been dropped to accommodate intermarriage of Hindus with other religions in India. During the wedding, two master(prenominal) rituals are conducted. The first is the saptapadi. Saptadi is a Sanskrit word that means seven steps. Essentially, the couple conducts seven circuits of the holy fire (Agni). The essence of this is that the holy fire is considered a witness to the vows they make. The vows must thus not be broken as it would be considered a sacrilege to do so. The manner in which the circuit ritual is conducted differs from North, South and central India. In the north, the first six circuits are led by the bride with the groom stellar(a) the last one. In central India, the bride leads the first three circuits while the groom leads the remaining four circuits. The warrant ritual is the shanthi muhurtham. This ritual involves decoration of the matrimonial bed. It is expected in Hindu culture that the wedding night is the night of consummation of the marriage. The ri tual is performed by the grooms relatives. The government of India acknowledges intermarriage between non-homogeneous religious sects as legal. Intermarriages involving the Hindu and other cultures or religion is conducted based on such culture and religion. In most Hindu weddings, a sense of pride, purity and heritage is maintained. The bride and the groom must be presented to the ceremony as chaste. This entails not bringing children born out of wedlock to the ceremony. Hindu traditions strongly even up remarriage and disarticulate. It is considered that once a couple ties the knot, they are unified forever by the god of fire. The possibility of divorce is thus not admissible. Conclusion Indian weddings are fun to attend as they involve a lot of interesting rituals. The importance of the rituals is often

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Goethe’s Faust Essay Example for Free

Goethes Faust EssayScene vii of Faust ii make believe v takes enjoin in a steep, rocky side of an unspecified mountain. The scene is dominated by female characters and takes place on earth. It starts with a chorus of nature spirits, in which the nature is describes the mutu anyy dependent paradees taking place. The idyllic conditions described by the chorus of nature atomic number 18 the celebration of processes like rig and animal life, earth and water. Then enter the four anchorite fathers, who seem to represent progressively increase degrees of spiritual attainment. First at that place is Pater Ecstaticus who is hovering up and down in the air. Then there is Pater Profundus who apparently lives in the depth of the earth. He marvels at the creative processes of nature and describes send offning, trees which strive to reach heaven and water menstruation from heaven to earth. His heart is however is not at peace and he asks for a divine toy from the Lord Oh, God Calm m y thoughts, pacify us/ And bring light to my needy heart The trey father is Pater Seraphicus. He lives in the middle regions, (probably betwixt the air and earth).He invites the spirits of young boys who died at birth and had not thus experienced earthly life to come and experience the world by his body. Then a group of angels pass by carrying the sense of Faust and relate why they rescued Fausts soulfulness. We learn that Faust soul was saved because he struggled so much in developing his projects (Whoever strives, in his endeavor, we nooky rescue from the devil. ). In this instance we are excessively told of the other reason why Fausts soul was saved which is that Gretchen was interceding for him to Mother of God.The Younger Angels say of how they distracted the Mephistopheles by using roses of holy love. The More unadulterated Angels also say that even though the heart of Faust has escaped the flames it is still impure and that the bond between the soul and body is left for Eternal Love to unwind. The angels thusly take Fausts soul to the goddamn boys above who Joyfully receive Him as a chrysalis after all the threads that surround him vaporize since divine love has found him. Then we meet the fourth anchorite father, Doctor Marianus who resides in the purest cellular telephone.When he sees womanly shapes floating around he starts praising Mater creeping lily and together with the chorus of penitent women, Magna Peccatrix, (the woman who anointed Jesus feet), the Samaritan woman who met Christ at the well and Mary of Egypt together state to Mater Gloriosa not to begrudge the true soul of Gretchen. They plead that she transgressed without knowledge of her fall. The Gretchen herself goes to Mater Gloriosa and pleads on behalf of Faust asking Mater Gloriosa to allow her, Gretchen, to teach him the new ways there since he is still blinded by the bright light.She says that Faust is a completely new person having thrown tally every bond/ Of his old earthbound integument, The scene ends when Mater Gloriosa accepts Fausts soul and beckons Gretchen and all the others to follow her into the higher sphere. This scene takes place by the Aegean Sea where the Sirens are addressing the Moon. The Nereids and Tritons are also swimming around and even swim to the Greek mythological island of Samothrace, the domain of the mighty Cabiri in an private road to show that they are more than fish.Meanwhile, Thales and form have gone to visit the sea god, Nereus for advice on how Homunculus can be reborn completely. Thale tells Homunculus that though Nereus is stubborn and a grumbler, people respect him because of his wisdom. They then meet Nereus, who is angry and wants to send them away, he tells them of how men can never heed advice and tells them of how Paris laughed at him when he told him of the future he saw, he also tell them of how he warned Ulysses of Cyclops horrors and of Circes wiles but the advice brought Ulysses no gain.He te lls them finally to go to Proteus, the shape changer since he is waiting for Dorides and Galatea. Nereids and Triton arrive then carrying Cabiri in a turtle-shell and Thales and Homunculus watch the procession. Proteus, who is hovering near is so attracted by the light that that homunculus emits. He draws near and Thales asks for advice on Homunculus behalf. Proteus suggests that homunculus can repeat the human birth process by starting in the sea and then develop to a full being. They then all (Thales, Proteus and Homunculus) leave together to go and watch the sea festival.In the procession, the Telchines, the nine dog-headed Children of the Sea, pass by and boast that they were the first to shape gods in the image of man. Galatea finally arrives and Nereus, the Sirens and Thales comment on the doves of Paphos which accompany Galatea. Galatea comes proximate to her father. And in the process Homunculus drawn near and smashes the glass that holds him at the feet of Galatea and all marvels as the light of Homunculus mixes with the waves in a symbolic marriage with the sea.Analysis of the acts In both these two acts there is a strong reference to the female presence. The female presence in act v is delineated by Mater Glorioso, Gretchen, Choir of Female Penitents, Magna Peccatrix, The Woman of Samaria, Mary of Egypt and the female forms that hover in the flip-flop which Dr. Marianus. The strong women influence in this act, as in the rest of the drama, shows the empathetic face of women. The three rueful women plead for Gretchen while Gretchen pleads for Faust.The women are a strong symbolism to life givers. Mater Glorioso gives Faust soul some other life by uttering few words. In this act we also know that the soul Faust is received by the young boys in a pupal stage. This is so like Homunculus, who is a half being and but survives in a bottle. The rebirth of Homunculus takes place when he joins with the Galatea in a sea wedding. This is what completes Hom unculus. Faust soul is also completed by the love of Gretchen.It is Gretchens love that finds him and is to lead him in the new place since The new light still blinds him. In act ii, there is also an overwhelming female presence. The sirens, Nereids and Tritons, Galatea, Dorides are all representative of female personalities. Generally this act is one in which the three, Homunculus, Faust and Mephistopheles are on a search of what completes them, which in the three cases happen to be the female personality. References Wolfgang, Johann von Goethe. Faust. Berlin Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1867.

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Capstone to Business Management Final Project Essay Example for Free

finishing touch to Business Management Final as convinced(predicate) EssayExecutive SummaryTims Coffee Shoppe is located in Sunnydale, Illinois. Sunnydale is a mid-sized city with a busy product line district and a large university and Tims is located smack dab in the middle of all the traffic. Tims Coffee Shoppe is in need of some frequently needed melioratements and necessarily things to run to a greater extent smoothly. near of Tims problems were node bliss, employee loyalty and marketing. The following pages have a precise review of what Tim needs to begin more roaring. unrivalled of the most important things Tim needs to accomplish is a makeover of his human resource program to address employee training, thus creating better customer service as hygienic as expanding the types of marketing he utilizes. If he follows elicitions he would have the opportunity to obtain his long barrier goals much(prenominal) as * To double r heretoforeue by the end of the curre nt fiscal year. * To receive at least 95 percent positive customer feedback regarding the service we provide.Regulations and ManagementSummaryThe attempt is to suggest to Tims Coffee Shoppes aras of weaknesses where subtle mendment to line of credit strategies which roll in the hay bring in the much desired and needed revenues and extend customer traffic. It is also an attempt to provide cost effective products through with(predicate) a change in supply and logistics for Tims Coffee Shoppe. The market segmentation is also to be altered to expand his customer base.Action ItemsThe vision statement chosen is To en reliable that each node receives prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service. To hold in a clean, comfortable and well maintained premises for our guests and staff. To provide at a fair price nutritional, well-prep ared beverages and foods-using only quality ingredients. To ensure that all guests and staff are treated with the dignity and respect they deser ve. To thank each guest for the opportunity to serve them. By maintaining these goals we shall be guaranteed a fair profit that provide allow us to contribute to the community we serve (Missionstatements.com, 2013). in that location are various things Tim could do to serving achieve living up to this vision for his task. The following are Short destination Goals which would be actions that should ideally be completed in spite of appearance the next three months.* fall the next month analyzing the competition and brainstorm on what they dont offer that we do or toilette offer. * Choose one or two high-profile local charity events to sponsor * Redesign the customer service research process to include new questionnaires and incentives, such as monthly drawings for reconcile products or discounts on future purchases for customers who take the sentence to respond. (Williams, 2013) The next few items are actions that would be Long Term Goals which should be completed by the end of the craft fiscal year. * To build the companys name recognition inwardly the community through community prohibitedreach projects (Williams, 2013) What else could Tim do to protagonist achieve these very important goals? * Create actionable steps within committees to break down kneadload * Be positive and energetic* Decide how you are going to measure your success and keep track of it at regular intervals. * If your company is achieving its goals, be sure to recognize employees that helped. (Slutsky, 2013)HR analysisSummaryHuman resources help the business in many ways. However, Tim has not been taking full advantage of this blue-chip tool. While human resources handle many of the matters pertaining to the employees of a company, such as recruiting and benefits management, they also work with management to help develop long-term strategies for the growth and development of a company. HR departments often act as a middleman between employees and management and should be wh ere employees go for basic company information (Christensen, 2013). According to the files in Tims office most of his employees arevaluable assets. Employees are a critical component of any business. Successfully managing the human resource aspect of business can be important, even for very small businesses such as Tims Coffee Shoppe. afterward all, in a service economy, employees are part of the delivery of the product and service. Their operation, commitment and loyalty to the conjecture are critical and can be boosted through successful HR management. However, there are a few that need coaching to achieve higher customer service and company loyalty standards, such as Darryl. The files also need to be better organized to achieve higher efficiency. It can become the single largest consumer of your time and energy if you dont roll in the hay how to handle things well. And, its still a big consumer of your time and energy, even if youre adept at handling such things.Action ItemsTh ere are numerous actions Tim should take to help this area of his business run more smoothly and effectively. These include to have a staffing plan, find solid employees, how to screen voltage candidates, conduct personal interviews and the actual hiring process and most important of all, retaining the valuable employees and evaluating their performance as well as maintaining high standards. There are some(prenominal) steps to follow to help stay organized and achieve a highly valuable staff. The following are actions to take to maintain and educate the staff Tim already has. * Put together a human resource guideline vade mecum that states what policies and procedures you will and expect the employees to follow. This enchiridion should address issues such as* at will employment* compensation* perquisites and bonuses* performance reviews* lay offs* terminations* conflicts of interest* disciplinary process* vacation time* sick time* family time* leave of absence* employee behavio r* To retain employees, your human resource management philosophy should be to eat things that push employees out. It should also, within reason, provide a number of things that keep pulling employees into the organization. Both approaches should be successful in retaining good employees as they both counteract the pulls from outside organizations (Sensible Small Business Ideas, 2013). Some employees will lose interest and need something new to keep their interest in your company.It cogency be obligatory to provide challenges, opportunities for advancement and other rewards. * It is important to remember that everyone including yourself, the owner, is a team. Everyone needs to be quietly evaluated on their performance and their pay should reflect that. Make sure to recognize high performing employees to upkeep their pauperization to better your company and take the time to coach your lower performing employees. Also make sure they all know you are there to support and help them with any issues that they come across.Marketing AnalysisSummaryThe competitive environment, also known as the market structure, is the dynamic system in which your business competes (Mack, 2013). It is the part a companys external environment that consists of other organizations trying to secure line of work in the same market. It is the part of the trade that includes all immediate rivals. Tim has not effectively advertised his chocolate shop. He has signage in the office that is not existence put to use and the only sign that is detect in the coffee tree shop is the Buy 10, Get 1 Free. Also, I believe that Tim heavily relies on his location of being near the university, bus stop and business district to attract customers. It may work well but there is always more that he could do to take his business from being good to booming. Some possibly effective marketing ideas to promote Tims Coffee Shoppe might be* To create a website- Even if itis just 1-3 pages of general information , its better than nothing. Blog sites are crush because Tim would be able to easily update. * Neighborhood Marketing- Take advantage of areas that are outdoors like billboards, bus-stops, honey oil benches anywhere that potential customers might frequent. Also, partner up with other small businesses and exchange flyers to clear up out to customers. * Social Sites- Facebook and Twitter* Use Guerilla Marketing tactics- Go pass out coupons at malls, pass out fliers at the college, etc. Take samples of coffee and pastries to churches or community centers. Get reviewers to come in and write an article about the coffee shop. * Celebrate holidays or create a family day with free drinks for kids under a certain age. * Educate your customers- Host a seminar on the use of coffee or on different brewing methods. Have a Coffee of the Month where you can educate on the origin country of the coffee. (Reynolds, 2013)The majority of Tims Coffee Shoppes customers are the universitys students and also business professionals stopping by on their lunch breaks. A lot of the customers have filled out atonement surveys. This is a great tool and lets Tim know what they are doing right or wrong and what they need to improve on to make their business more successful and profitable. Especially when there is space for the consumer to fill in their own suggestion or comment, such as the survey at Tims which stated I just love Tims. I love the special attention, atmosphere and a coffee shop that isnt a chain for once. This shows Tim that the customer is extremely pleased and he should be proud of his product and staff.However, the surveys can also show Tim where his business needs to improve to keep people coming back, such as the comment The morning staff is RUDE or The coffee always tastes burnt. Dont know why I come back. This shows the Tim where there is opportunity for improvement. By making customer satisfaction surveys available, this is another tool they can utilize by taking s uggestions to make their company better than the competition. winning these suggestions and considering them an opportunity to improve will attract more customers to come back as well as giving Tim and his employees a goal to work towards and achieve.Action ItemsCreating a SWOT analysis identifying the good, bad and potential ugly for your business is essential before moving forward. Strengths Tim needs to stand out from the rest of his competition. One strong strength would be his location. Being close to the university, Business Park and bus stop is a prime location to attract business. Weaknesses Weaknesses noted on the marketing surveys are rude staff, old notes registers which make customers order incorrect, cramped seating, slow service, not taking debit cards and so on. Opportunities Some opportunities for Tims might include a coffee of the month club, or adding more items to the menu. Threats Some of the threats might be, of course, Queequegs and even the campus coffee m achine.Economic Environment/Finance and Accounting/Financial StatementsSummary sounding at the economic situation at Tims Coffee Shoppe it is decent but could definitely be better. To have a strong and successful business, you need to have a clear understanding of the pecuniary impact that your most business decisions may have. Tim is expecting an increase in sales volume due to several large businesses moving into the area around the coffee shop. With more traffic going by the coffee shop, one would expect an increase in customers which would mean an increase in income for Tim. Virtually all of your businesss cost will fall, more or less neatly, into one of two categories uncertain cost and fixed costs. unsettled costs are costs which increase directly in proportion to the level of sales in dollars or units sold (BizFilings, 2012). Variable expenses for the coffee shop would be some examples would be cost of goods sold, costs of supplies, and salaries of the employees.Action Ite msThe total expenses will increase if the sales volume will increase due the variable expenses increasing. The companys total costs are a combination of the fixed and variable costs. Assuming your sales pass off your variable costs, each additional unit of sales volume increases your gross profits andyour net income. If you can lower your costs without impacting revenue and maintain the same sales volume, your profits will go up (Kokemuller, 2013). This means if Tims profits increase so does his net income. It is very important for small business owners to understand how their various costs respond to changes in the volume of goods or services produced. The breakdown of a companys underlying expenses determines the profitable price level for its products or services, as well as many aspects of its general business strategy (Inc.com, 2013).The salaries of the employees will increase due to the fact Tim will have to hire more employees or increase the hours of existing employees to accommodate the additional customer base. The cost of supplies and goods sold will increase with the more customers and products sold. Fixed cost will remain the same regardless of the level of sales. These expenses would include Tims rent, depreciation, the lease on the refrigerator, taxes and insurance.Problem Solving/RecommendationsSummaryThere are several things Tim could do to improve his coffee shop, especially to get it to become more marketable for him to sell. The following are good recommendations to step forward with * Redesign the customer service research process to include new questionnaires and incentives, such as monthly drawings for free products or discounts on future purchases for customers who take the time to respond. * Create actionable steps within committees to break down workload * Put together a human resource guideline handbook that states what policies and procedures you will and expect the employees to follow * Expand advertising to other venues* More e mployee training and recognitionReferencesAssociates Capstone in Management. (2012). Retrieved from Tims Coffee Shoppe simulation http//extmedia.kaplan.edu.edgesuite.net/buness/AB299/Tims_Coffee_Shop/index.html BizFilings. (2012). Business Decisions and Finances Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis. Retrieved June 24, 2013, from

The primary signs of a great preschool Essay Example for Free

The primary signs of a great preschool EssayThe use of Learning nerve centre Approaches (LCA) in early education has for long been the subject of ardent debate. Teachers still lack unanimous treaty as for the relevance and usefulness of LCAs in classroom. LCAs have a number of advantages and argon also characterized by a set of serious pitfalls however, these types of learning activities can be rationally utilize to enhance the overall quality of the learning process at school, offering barbarianren a unique prospect to integrate their personal experiences with the curriculum-based objectives. Statistical research suggests that in 1965, just 5% of 3-year-olds attended preschool or nursery school. Today, 41% of 3-year-olds regularly attend a content-based program (NAEYC, 1995). As a result, the process of break outing to a greater extent efficient curriculum strategies amazes more responsible and requires teachers to satisfy individual require of children.When dozens of children atomic number 18 split up into several learning groups, it is al de rigorousors difficult to organize the learning process in a way to account their individual peculiarities and needs that is why teachers have come to realizing the importance of LCAs as the stiff tools of individual preschool and school learning.One of the primary signs of a great preschool is when children spend most of their time acting and acting with other peers (NAEYC, 1995) furthermore, for a kindergarten and preschool to be an effective tool of learning, children need to have access to various activities end-to-end the day much(prenominal) as block building, pretend play, picture books, paints and other art materials, and t satisfactory toys such as legos, pegboards, and puzzles (NAEYC, 1996).In these difficult learning contexts, the LCAs may supply teachers with an opportunity to develop an boundless number of individual tasks and activities that will engage children into active learning. In general terms, learning center refers to a place ( unremarkably a small atomic number 18a) within the classroom where children interact with materials and other children to develop learnings and skills (Bickart Jablon, 1999). Thus, LCAs still the process of achieving the two basic closes of effective education delivering knowledge to children and satisfying their individual learning needs.LCAs allow teachers to organize the classroom space in a way that stumbles children interested in what they are doing, and integrates their personal experiences and talents with the need to achieve the basic curriculum objectives. An LCA classroom looks like a space divided into small areas defined by shelves and tables materials are attractively displayed so that children are able to make a reasonable choice. Self-directing charts help children find the area of interest and decide where children would like to work.In these classrooms, children are usually divided into small groups, with ea ch group focused on a particular activity and woful on to the next center as soon as the activity is finished. The use of LCAs is profitable in several ways 1. LCAs promote the sense of autonomy among children. Piaget states that autonomy is the ultimate goal of education (Bickart Jablon, 1999). Autonomy is developed because children are active they learn at their own pace they make choices they are self-directed rather than teacher-directed (NAEYC, 1995).2. In LCAs, children learn by interacting with real objects regardless whether the child participates in a table game, or chooses to be an actor in a striking play, all these activities start children closer to the real world, providing them with objective and truthful knowledge virtually reality. 3. In LCAs, children are required to verbalize their oral experiences, to speak, to communicate, and to express their needs and c oncerns to teachers and other children.As a result, LCAs become indispensable elements of effective r eading, authorship, and literacy education. The use of LCAs is particularly important to enhance childrens reading and writing skills. NAYEC (1998b) suggest that with the increase variation among young children in our programs and schools, teaching today has become more challenging. Classes include both children with determine disabilities and children with exceptional abilities, and all groups of children should have equal access to the learning opportunities in class.LCAs give children and teachers with a chance to minimize literacy-related disparities in learning, and to guarantee that all children regardless the specific level of their reading and writing proficiency are able to achieve commonplace curriculum objectives. The use of LCAs helps align the standard requirements to early childhood education programs with the benefits of the individualized learning process LCAs combine developmentally let curriculum and instruction with responsiveness to cultural diversity and s trong professional development opportunities (NAEYC, 1998a).Ultimately, LCAs are extremely flexible in addressing the changing requirements to instruction and maintaining stable organizational relationships between teachers, families, and children. The problem is in that LCAs may not always be easy to organize teachers and education professionals require enormous knowledge and skills to guarantee that LCAs address specific educational needs of children in class, and help them develop reliable communication linkages with teachers and other children.LCAs represent a kind of education philosophy, with commitment to individualisation and loyalty to constructed knowledge in its center. However, to turn this philosophy into a relevant tool of childs education, teachers should be prepared to working with room arrangement and room organization, to superintending center choices and governing children in the process of their interaction with LCA materials. While teacher roles in LCAs are l imited to those of facilitators, that does not mean that teachers are no longer responsible for the learning outcomes.On the contrary, assessment, planning, set-up, interaction, and arbitration turn into the five primaeval teacher responsibilities while children are making their choices and are trying to integrate their personal experiences with the learning needs in class. LCAs can promote effective learning through the variety of educational strategies, including art, blocks, discovery, dramatic play, library, muscle, music, and table games. dodge centers help children express themselves art centers teach children to measure their art skills and the art skills others.Art centers successfully combine cognitive skills with aesthetics and language, helping child develop several cognitive skills simultaneously. Blocks provide children with the constructive vision of reality in blocks LCAs, children are offered a chance to explore their experiences and perceptions about reality.. b reakthrough LCAs are integrally linked to science children make scientific solutions and have almost absolute opportunities for exploring the major scientific discoveries.Dramatic play learning centers are the relevant tools teaching children to socialize and interact on the scene. In other words, dramatic play is an art of pretending. Pretending is the link between the plagiarize and real that further leads children to realizing the difference between their realities and their fantasies. Literacy LCAs are the central elements of effective education. Literacy is the key to the childs success in all major disciplines, and literacy LCAs provide children with immediate access to reading, writing, communication, and discussion. program library centers are integrally linked to literacy circles many children are not exposed to literature in their homes, gravely limiting their print knowledge. The library center provides these children with regular and active interactions with print (Bi ckart Jablon, 1999). Muscle center helps children vestibular sense their physical and mental activities. Music centers organize children into small listening groups, where young learners are actively sedulous into various types of group activities (e. g. , singing). Finally, table games teach children to follow the already established rules. set back games form a new vision of discipline and help children realize the importance of discipline in other subjects and centers. Table games are used to develop logical thinking and teach children to use their analytical skills. Objectively, LCAs may become less effective due to the fact that teachers are not always able to evaluate their roles and potential in various group activities. While teachers are expected to facilitate the process of learning, children may not adequately react to independence and autonomy they have in LCAs.The boundaries of autonomy may often be blurred, turning independence into chaos. Games should be jolly com bined with discipline teachers should be able to monitor all learning centers at once ultimately, the structure of LCAs should be changed at least once in several weeks, to guarantee that children are able to reveal their full learning potential. Despite these difficulties, LCAs remain an effective tool of learning, promoting autonomy of the childs decision-making, and providing children with unlimited opportunities for applying their skills and knowledge in practice.LCAs reflect the need for giving children sufficient freedom of choice, with this freedom being closely tied to and reasonably limited by a set of predetermined curriculum objectives. Conclusion The use of learning center environments is justified by the need to provide children with more autonomy during the class, and to help children use their talents in studies. The program and construction of LCAs may be time consuming, and teachers require extensive knowledge and skills to promote continual learning.Although publ ic school teachers frequently lack sufficient space and are not always able to develop structured LCAs, learning center approaches foster creativity and encourage the child to explore the orphic facets of knowledge in class. LCAs promote unlimited opportunities for communication, socialization, and interaction between children as a result, children become better prepared to applying new knowledge in various real-life contexts.References Bickart, T. Jablon, J. (1999). Building the primary classroom a complete guide to teaching and learning. Teaching Strategies, Inc.NAEYC. (1995). 10 signs of a great preschool. Retrieved November 15, 2008 from http//www. naeyc. org/ece/1996/01. pdf NAEYC. (1996). Top 10 signs of a good kindergarten classroom. Retrieved November 15, 2008 from http//www. naeyc. org/ece/1996/12. pdf NAEYC. (1998a). Guidelines for developmentally appropriate practices. Retrieved November 15, 2008 from http//www. naeyc. org/ece/1998/05. pdf NAEYC. (1998b). Learning to re ad and write developmentally appropriate practices for young children. Retrieved November 15, 2008 from http//www. naeyc. org/about/positions/pdf/PSREAD98. PDF

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All My Sons by Arthur Miller Essay Example for Free

All My Sons by Arthur moth miller Es guessExplain how Arthur Miller makes this scrap in his defraud All My Sons so dramatic.Refer to Extract 6 for passageIn his play All My Sons, Arthur Miller makes the moment of George Deevers arrival highly dramatic through the sense that a crisis looms for the Kellers and is then narrowly avoided. Hostility is reduced to calm and jovial equanimity through Kate Kellers maternal(p) agency and controlling nature, and this in turn ensures that the threat posed by George is negated. At first, the interactions between Chris and George argon adversarial as Chris repudiates the truth George asserts. Kate Keller resists Chris too, though in a very different way, which is ultimately achievementful in nullifying George and the threat he represents to the put on reality of Joe Kellers innocence.The initial interactions in this passage create a hostile atmosphere that arises from the clash between George Deever and Chris Keller. George has arrived t o insist that Ann does not marry Chris because Joes guilt, or, more particularly, Joes dishonesty about his guilt, resulted in their fathers imprisonment and the destruction of their family. Chris insists that George wont say anything now. He intends to marry Ann and, more importantly, has systematically suppressed any doubts about his fathers innocence. Miller has George speak past him to Ann, youre coming with me, he says, and again, youre coming with me. This repetition in his dialogue conveys his tenacity and suggests that hes unlikely to desist. His challenge to Chris is part of a larger challenge to the glowering reality in which the Kellers fork up been living, a reality in which Joe is innocent. Kate has protected this reality for age and proceeds to do so again now.When Kate Keller enters she immediately adopts a calibre of maternal care and continue toward George. Raising both(prenominal) hands she comes toward him saying Georgie, Georgie. This diminutive calls into the present Georges past, his childhood and the happy associations he would have attached to Kate Keller during that time. Millers stage directions describe how she cups his face, a gesture suggestive of the affection and involution between a mother and young son. She remarks that he has become grey and that he looks like a ghost.This dialogue paints a vivid image of George as a gaunt and almost lifeless catch deserving of pity and perhaps plays on any musical noteings of self-pity he might have. She declares that she will make him a sandwich, and insists that he is going to sit here and drink some juice. Her theatrical and almost hyperbolic surgical procedure is one that seeks to emphasise her concern for Georges well-being and the motherly desire to nourish him and see him in good health. George is not actually her son, instead he belongs to the now fractured and dysfunctional Deever family. Theres a real sense that Kate is playing on this. She works to establish the nature o f her interaction with George as apparently maternal, and thereby implicitly encourages him to adopt the corresponding reference of dependant and grateful son.Moreover, Kate works to displace both Georges mother and Ann as the female figure to whom George owes the most loyalty and thereby establishes her own dominance and control. Whats the matter with your mother, she asks, why dont she feed you? This question undermines Georges mother as a capable maternal provider. Next, Miller has her takes aim at Ann, admonishing her for saying that George was fine since he so demonstrably is not.Just as Georges mother supposedly fails to nurture him, Kate points out a similar failing in Ann when she notices Ann hasnt given George grape juice. Ann says defensively that she offered it to him. The stage direction that describes her tone as defensive makes it send away that she feels as though she is under attack. And indeed she is. Kates reply is verbalise scoffingly, showing that she is ridi culing Ann for her apparently inept attempts to adequately care for her brother. By undermining both Georges mother and sister, Kate implicitly offers herself as the female figure on whom George can really depend.Ultimately, Kate succeeds and Chris defers to her utterly. Hostility dissolves into amiability and affection. Miller makes it clear from the beginning that George always liked Kate. This stage direction reveals a vulnerability he has in meet to her. At first he is gently dismissive of her, saying I know and I feel all right. This dialogue suggests he isnt buying into her performance, or at least not at first. Eventually, however, he declares Kate, I feel hungry already. This line signals a crucial shift. It is so obviously utter with affection and good humour. Clearly, the thought of doing anything to hurt Kate could not be further from his mind. Moreover, it indicates that he has adopted the role into which she has been cajoling him that is, the dependent and acquiescent son.Throughout this passage Kate is highly manipulative. She is motivated by an instinct to protect the false reality she and Joe perpetuate and on which she depends if she is to see her husband as anything but a monster who killed their son, Larry. Her success hinges on quelling George and the uncertainty of this is what creates the angst-ridden drama at this moment in the play. Ultimately, of course, her success is only momentary.

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Trial By the Mirror Essay Example for Free

Trial By the Mirror EssayUnderneath the shadows of the another(prenominal) side of ageIf there is a hell then there must be a behind-Insane merry andrew Posse, Echo Side She is led into the room by two strong men, plump and middle age. The sour blonde hair quivers as she sobs. Her legs tremble and give way, and her eyes, f every(prenominal)en in deeply an a baptistry that was formerly round, are pleading. She is flopped down onto the chair designated for those condemned to the Highest Measure, and get winds at us, holding clenched hands to her mouth. We Nikolas and I look at her indifferently. Marjorie Penant. Nickolas states. She nods numbly. You digest killed He starts repeating her sentence to her. We are required to do it. Psychological torture it may be, but its part of the common procedure now. Something required before we finish our job. It is difficult otherwise, to I live killed no one Her voice rings out suddenly, kicking my train of thought send off track. Damn condemned Yet this just may have been worth interrupting my musings for a moment. Most condemned lose all sense of will before the Highest Measure. She stands now, shaking not with fear, but with rage. Nikolas nods slightly, his perpetual boredom somewhat alleviated. fire and it would seem its my turn to speak. Really? Only one word. I know my voice is darkly musical. This is my gift, my power, so to speak. The word echoes almost visibly by her body, making her consider and reconsider, invoking into her things that she might not want to remember, as forceful as the call of hunger after many days of starvation. She covers her ears, and stands erect for a compeer of seconds, only to fall to the floor with a shriek. N-no My lips curl into a smirk. As expected. Ninety-nine percent of piece cant stand my voice sBut whats this? I Killed Nobody She grunts through clenched teeth. Ive Killed NOBODY I pluck a glance at Nikolas, who calmly continues reading her sentence. You have k illed three children, by exposing them to Matters of the Soul early. She raises a tear-stained face, and her voice is strangely clear, as she pronounces I. Killed. Not. One. Of. Them. She sits up with obvious difficulty. Your system did. You went against it. And took them with you. Nikolas says calmly. Because its nonsense She says sharply. I raise an hilltop calmly. Looks like I was mistaken in my first im driveion. She is not the simpleton she initially looked to be. I had thus far wondered why she earned her measure. I no longer wonder. Really? You are despicable this is what my voice says this time. You resolute their fates, and their deaths are only your fault. You should cry with relief that we are a humane society and merely killed them not did what we are going to do to you. Be self-contemptuous, be afraid, be dead my voice commands it all. Nonsense She gasps stubbornly. Th The soul Isnt something to be taken away by the likes of you Pedagogue. Nikolas says calmly. Part s of the soul are shown as a human being gets older. Gradually. It does no harm this way. And destroys our almsgiving She says proudly. So typical of the old-style humanists. Nikolas looks to me. Laas? You destroy it yourself. I land calmly. Was it not you who cried for your life a minute ago? I cried for the lives of my children. She replies dryly. Not for my own. It is in no danger. You have been condemned to meeting yourself. Nikolas finishes the sentence. And then adds You are wrong when you think your life is in no danger. You have been through meeting with parts of your soul. And they have taught me much. She raises her chin proudly. The shadows do not teach. I frown. They take away. She looks upon me with an expression I have not seen since my initiation. It is pity. Then you were unable to fight with their lessons. As the fourth child was unable to cope with mine. And it will kill you. As it killed them. And you. I reply. No. She says simply. Go on. I want no other last w ords. I and Nikolas silently lead her to the silver arch. She is left under it, as we walk to the sides of it. We press our palms to the sides pf the arch, and phantasm begins playing between it, almost touching it. The feeling of stepping through the arch is like skydiving, I know. Without a parachute. She throws her hands up. Nothing is true Everything is permitted And jumps through the arch. The darkness swallows her, and wavers, as the machine starts working Nikolas turns to me. I think we will have a new one among us. I scrutinize the arch. The gate to the opposite Side was reserved for those who did not deserve the Death Penalty. Especially those who committed the ultimate crime against humanity destroyed the integrity of society by teaching younglings about souls before they were fully grown. This was the standard maneuver of terrorists these days. Most return from the arch dead, a cruel death. It contains a realm of endless madness, among which, somewhere, is your own se lf, inflicting the insanity. I know all about it. After all, I had once stood before the same gate myself. The darkness wavers once more, as it spits out the woman who was Marjorie. Her eyes are dead now that she knows what she has been teaching her children. saneness is limitation, after all. Those who break limitations too early, die to the world. Who survive death, learn to control limits. Nikolas extends his hand to her. Come. He says soothingly. You have much to learn.

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Love in Pride and Prejudice Essay Example for Free

venerate in Pride and Prejudice EssayMarriage in England in the nineteenth century is untold different than it is in todays world. Almost e preciseone wants to attach for grapple and happiness. During this period of date, beautiful women would connect a man because he is rich or the opposite. A nice looking man would wed a woman because she effs from wealth. Love is left out of these marriages. Some thought they would soon develop love along the years. Mrs. Bennets main priority throughout the book was to make sure here five daughters were married to a rich suitor. Money was the main concerns for her not love.Her marriage was based on the principle of monetary gain. She thought her daughters would not be able to survive if they remained unmarried. For any woman of her time marriage on any terms was often the only getaway from a miserable keep of poverty. Elizabeth did not want to marry for money. She wanted to marry for love. She turned her first proposal down from Mr. collins because she had no feelings for him. Elizabeth shows a lot of pride throughout the book. Even though her family was not of upper class, she dumb held her head high with pride.She is a middle class woman who wants to be treated the same by every one no matter who it is. She believes herself to be good enough for any man. When she first meets Mr. Darcy, she says that he is very attractive. Prejudice blinds her and leads to false opinions of Mr. Darcy. She overhears him say, She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me. Darcy is very blind by his inferior standards. Jane Bennet and Mr. Bingley are happy when they are together. Mrs. Bennet was so sure they would marry within months.They were so shocked to hear that he had left town so suddenly. Mr. Darcy breaks them up in the beginning their relationship could get as far as marriage. He didnt honestly believe that Jane was truly in love with his good friend Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth believes that he did this because of his prejudice for the lower class. Mr. Darcy believed that Jane was only after his money. Jane is very broken up over Mr. Bingley leaving town. They both loved one another. Mr. Darcy later writes a earn to Elizabeth, explaining the real reason why he broke them up.After reading his letter, she begins to understand the pride that Mr. Darcy has for himself. This is where she begins to confirm feelings for him. Her youngest sister Lydia runs away and marries Mr. Wickham. Soon Jane and Mr. Bingley reunite and he proposes to her. Elizabeth finds out that Mr. Darcy had bribed Mr. Wickham to marry her sister. She soon realizes Mr. Darcy isnt a bad person after all. He is a great person and a romantic at heart. After his second proposal to Elizabeth she agrees to marry him, not for money but for love. Happiness does not come from a marriage based on money.

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Use of Literary Elements in Slaughterhouse-Five Essay Example for Free

subroutine of Literary Elements in S jestho single-valued function-Five EssaySlaughterhouse-Five1993. The true test of harlequinade is that it shall awaken thoughtful laughter. Choose a novel, play, or long poem in which a scene or character awakens thoughtful laughter in the reader. Write an essay in which you show why this laughter is thoughtful and how it contri just nowes to the meaning of the work. side of meat author George Meredith wrote, The true test of comedy is that it shall awaken thoughtful laughter. Slaughterhouse-Five would have been quite the comedy in Merediths eyes, because it is an extremely satirical work. Satire is writing that ridicules human weakness in order to produce or so social reform. Ridicule, in this case, is humorous mockery of something, making people thoughtfully laugh somewhat the situations which these characters find themselves in. In the Kurt Vonnegut novel Slaughterhouse-Five, the main character Billy wants only to have a customary Am erican life, but his studies to become an optometrist atomic number 18 interrupted by his being drafted into the army during area War II and, as a pris championr of war, experiences the tragic bombing of Dresden. Then, he begins regular travels to the major planet Tralfamadore. He also begins to become unstuck in time he is time traveling. This essay discusses the use of jeering in Slaughterhouse-Five to communicate to the reader the newspapers which are addressed in the book.In chapter four of Slaughterhouse-Five, satire is use through the comic depiction of a war film depicting the process of falling bombs, all the way from mining the materials needed to retain the bombs, to dropping them, to the planes landing back where they came from (74-75). This film, though, is described as it played backwards, as if somebody is rewinding a VHS cassette. Comic relief is the inclusion of something humorous often to turn out the emotional impact by means of contrast. The war film, when played backwards, conveys a very good topic, but is lightened by the diverting and strange description of the reverse playing of the film.Comic relief is utilize to make the reader laugh and pay attention to what in other situations would be a very teetotal and boring scene, and likely believe about it later. This part of the story addresses the destruction of war, a main composingof Slaughterhouse-Five. By the use of comic relief, the reader is forced not to ignore the scene for fear of having to think about the destruction of war, satirically pointing out the readers distaste for tough topics such as the destruction of war. It also explicitly, yet not grossly, highlights the destruction of, specifically, dropping bombs as a wartime tactic.Farce is a comedy characterized by improbable plot situations, exaggerated characters, and broad satire. In Slaughterhouse-Five, one of the many instances of burlesque is the character Howard W. Campbell, Jr. (128-131). Campbell is an ex- prisoner of war who has turned his support to the Germans and is trying to form a unit of Americans who hawk their allegiance to the Germans to fight against the Russian Communists. In his ridiculous and highly symbolic outfit, he tries to appeal to the American prisoners of war his ideas that the Germans are fighting for many of the same purposes as the Americans against the Communists. Because of the outrageous and humourous nature of Campbell, one is forced to think about the rash idealism which he stands for.Farce in this situation is used to denounce the metanarratives that are taught in war. It first emphasizes the craziness of the German ideal, and then the dogmatic wills of the Americans who do anything to ingeminate their hatred for Communists. Then, when Edgar Derby, the leader of the American prisoners of war, stands up to speak against Campbell, the section is used to denounce the post- beingness War I anti-German metanarrative.B lack comedy is the combining of morbid and serious topics with elements of low comedy to underscore the senseless futility of life. It is used as a form of comic relief in Slaughterhouse-Five while Billy is on a plane on the way to the convention of optometrists (155-156). His father-in-law asks the barbershop quartet to sing his favorite song. The song is quite comical and uses lots of low humor, such as cursing and parodying Polish accents. This reminds the author of a very serious time when Billy saw a Polish man being hanged in the street during World War II for having sexual intercourse with a German woman. The reader is pulled in by the funny song which is then related to the very serious topic of racial discrimination and hate. This connects to the theme of the horridness of racial hatred.Irony is something that is opposite of what is meant, what is supposed to happen, or what makes sense. In Slaughterhouse-Five, irony occurs in the Kilgore Trout story about Jesus (109). He is a nobody, and for fun, the Romans cr ucify him. Then, they realize that he is the son of God and that he was an calamitous person to kill. This causes the reader to rethink everything they have thought about the the gospel of Jesus Christ and publish will, and also to laugh about their ignorance of this new idea of what really happened in the beginning of the New Testament.The theme addressed by this short story is that nobody is completely sure of what is going on, and somebody else such as God must be in charge, thus, there is no free will. Many themes are addressed in Kurt Vonneguts novel, Slaughterhouse-Five, like the denunciation of the metanarratives popularized during war, the disagreement with the legitimacy of the destruction of war, the horribleness of racial hatred, and the lack of free will. These topics are discussed in Slaughterhouse-Five through the use of humorous elements such as black comedy and farce. One may choose to think about these very important themes, and maybe they will extend to ones lif e.

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The Birth of American Imperialism Essay Example for Free

The Birth of the Statesn Imperialism EssayThe united States of the States was founded on July 4, 1776 and has fought three warfares in advance the Spanish-American War. The United States has fought numerous times for different reasons. The States fought Britain for their independence in 1776, and then in 1812 they fought Britain because American ships were organism taken prisoner by the British for no apparent reason. America stood up against the British and let them know that was going to push America around. America also fought against itself trying to preserve the nation and handle The United States as one and from non separating. The United States of America unified again in 1865 turn one with unified ideas. In 1898 the United States fought a new enemy for new reasons, but these reasons were non justified and not appropriate to declare war on Spain. In the 1890s the United States stance turned much militant and expansionistic than it had ever been. on that point was in fact a lust for forming colonies. What triggered the war was the blowing up of the Maine Battleship. The blame was put on Spains shoulders believing the Spanish had a hand in the death of the Maine.Years after the end of the war investigators have concluded that the Maine blew up due to the timpani room overheating and blowing up. The Spanish-American War is the most unnecessary war of any-time and could have easy been avoided if America did not declare wars on other nations solely on belief without any evidence. The defeat of the Spanish staff offices marked the end of their rule in the Americas and also marked the rise of the United States as a global military power. The Spanish-American War affected the United States in a number of other ways.It helped zip up the construction of the Panama Canal and also resulted in the U. S. s acquisition of foreign territories. This war attach the being of American Imperialism, and the beginning of American intervention in other count ries. Before the war and in front the explosion of the USS Maine there was a lot of tension between America and Spain at the time. The United States and Spain all most started a war when Spain captured an American ship in 1873. The captain and the crew were executed on charges of having rebel leaders aboard (Gay 9).There were many reports of U.S citizens in Cuba being imprisoned or murdered. Spanish officials even confiscated U. S property (Gay 9). also, Americans living in Cuba were captured and sent without trial to this prison cognise as Morro Castle (Gay 23). Also, Cuba was rebelling against Spanish rule and wanted its own independence. Constant fighting between Spain and the natives became deadly. Cuba was an burning(prenominal) colony for the Spanish. The is come tos export sugar, tobacco, and other raw materials were traded by the Spanish to generate great amounts of wealth (Bachrach 15).In January 25, the USS Maine arrives in capital of Cuba, Cuba. The Maine is there to protect Americans in Cuba against the riot occurring in Havana (Bowan 103). February 15, the USS Maine while docked in the Havana harbor is rocketed by two explosions. The ship begins to sink killing 266 U. S sailors (Bowan 104). The United States places the blame upon Spain for the destruction of the Maine and in April the United States and Spain break off diplomatic relations. The U. S president orders a naval turn back of Cubas ports (Bowan 104).McKinley stressed that the United States had tried to remain neutral, but too many Americans were treated inhumanly in Cuba by the Spanish (Gay 28). In 1823, the Monroe Doctrine stated that further efforts by European governments to colonize land or interfere with states in the Americas would not be accepted by the U. S. , but Spains colony in Cuba was exempted. In 1890, Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan wrote The Influence of Sea Power upon History, which credits the rise of Britain to world power to the over-embellished Navy. Mahans ideas o n projecting strength through a strong navy had a all-powerful worldwide influence.Historians debate how much Americans were interested in obtaining an empire, while noting that the European powers had in recent decades dramatically expanded their empires, especially in Africa and Asia. The United States had great interest in the England motto, which was make the world England. The United States wanted to colonize, take over new territories, and expand. Unfortunately, Americas ambitions were inopportune for the current state of the world, because most of the world was colonized and had governments.America probably pinned the blame of the Maine blowing up on Spain to grab new ground and some other spoils of war. On April 23 President McKinley called for a hundred twenty five green volunteers, much than a one thousand thousand men answered the call (Golay 41). The U. S Navys Asiatic Squadron, is headed by Commodore George Dewy. He is based in Hong Kong, China. His job is to combat the Spanish in the Pacific (Bowman 104). Amazingly the U. S had so little information about the Philippines that Dewey had to buy charts of manila Bay from Hong Kong (Golay 22).In the early minute of arc of May 1, 1898, Dewy spots the Spanish fleet 5 miles south of Manila. The U. S fleet sails towards the Spanish fleet (Bowman 107). Deweys ships have destroyed the majority of the Spanish fleet and captured the remaining Spanish fleet. The Spanish lose more than 400 men. Only 6 Americans die or are wounded. When word reaches America of Deweys victory he becomes a national hero (Bowman 107). Dewy stays in Manila harbor with his fleet to keep the German Navy from the weak situation in the Philippines.The U. S does not want Germany to take territory or resources from the Philippines (Bowman 107). Following Deweys victory, Manila Bay was filled with the warships of the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and japan all of which outgunned Deweys force. The German fleet of eight ships were in Philippine waters to protect German interests acted provocatively cutting in front of American ships, refusing to salute the United States flag, taking soundings of the harbor, and landing supplies for the besieged Spanish.The Germans, with interests of their own, were intent to take advantage of whatever opportunities the conflict in the islands might afford. The Americans called the bluff of the Germans, threatening conflict if the aggressive activities continued, and the Germans backed down. At the time, the Germans expected the confrontation in the Philippines to end in an American defeat, with the revolutionaries capturing Manila and release the Philippines ripe for German picking. Most of the Spanish fleet is anchored in Santiago. The commander of the Spanish fleet is Pascual Cervera.He does not want to challenge the U. S, because he knows that he is out gunned (Bowan 109). On 1 July, a feature force of about 15,000 American troops in regular infantry and cavalry regime nts, including all quartette of the armys Colored regiments, and volunteer regiments, among them Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, the 71st New York and 1st North Carolina, and rebel Cuban forces attacked 1,270 entrenched Spaniards in dangerous Civil War-style frontal assaults at the Battle of El Caney and Battle of San Juan Hill outside of Santiago. more than than 200 U. S. oldiers were killed and close to 1,200 wounded in the fighting. Supporting fire by Gatling guns was critical to the success of the assault. Cervera unyielding to escape Santiago two days later. The Spanish forces at Guantanamo were so isolated by Marines and Cuban forces that they did not know that Santiago was under siege and their forces in the northern part of the province could not break through Cuban personal line of credits. This was not true of the Escario relief column from Manzanillo, which fought its way past compulsive Cuban resistance but arrived too late to participate in the siege. later the battl es of San Juan Hill and El Caney, the American advance ground to a halt. Spanish troops successfully defended Fort Canosa, allowing them to stabilize their line and bar the entry to Santiago (Bowan 109). The Americans and Cubans forcibly began a bloody, strangling siege of the city. During the nights, Cuban troops turn over successive series of trenches toward the Spanish positions. Once completed, these parapets were occupied by U. S. soldiers and a new set of excavations went forward.American troops, while suffering daily losses from Spanish fire, suffered far more casualties from heat exhaustion and mosquito-borne disease. At the western approaches to the city, Cuban general Calixto Garcia began to encroach on the city, causing much panic and fear of reprisals among the Spanish forces. The success at the two forts on July 1, 1898 combined to give the Americans command over the ridges surrounding Santiago. By July 3, the American forces had demolished Admiral Pascuals Spanish fle et there.On July 17, the Spanish surrendered the city (Nelson 111). There was likelihood that the Spanish could carry the War onto the Atlantic seaboard cities of the U. S (Golay 31). The Spanish Admiral Cervera could not have raided the U. S coastal cities because they had no charts of the Atlantic Seas (Golay 33). The Spanish fleet attacks the seven American ships. After four hours of gunfire the Spanish ships are all sunk. The Spanish have 474 dead while the Americans barely suffer 1 fatality (Bowan 109). On 7 August, the American invasion force started to leave Cuba.The riddle was fiebre amarilla, yellow fever, which had quickly spread amongst the American occupation force, crippling it. A group of concerned officers of the American army chose Theodore Roosevelt to draft a request to Washington that it withdraw the Army, a request that paralleled a interchangeable one from General Shafter, who described his force as an army of convalescents (Bowan 111). By the time of his let ter, 75% of the force in Cuba was unfit for service. The evacuation was not total. The U. S. Army kept the black Ninth Infantry regiment in Cuba to support the occupation.The logical system was that their race and the fact that many black volunteers came from southern states would protect them this logic led to these soldiers being nicknamed Immunes. Still, by the time the Ninth left, 73 of its 984 soldiers had contracted the disease. The Treaty of Paris was subscribe December 10, 1898, settled the conflict that had resulted in the Spanish-American War( Nelson 111). As a result of the Spanish-American war, which lasted for only four months from April 25 to August 12, 1898, the treaty gave Cuba independence.Andrew Carnegie the richest man in America wrote a personal check for twenty million dollars to buy Philippine independence (Marrin 150). The U. S would pay 20 million dollars for the Philippines. The Philippines would become a parkland wealth in November 1935 (Nelson 112). U. S. also acquired Puerto Rico and Guam. By gaining these territories it helped America gain some more resources. Also the result of the war leaves thousands dead on each side of the playing field and many more wounded.These deaths could have been avoided if only the United States did not jump to conclusions and did not use the Maine incident to enter a war in order in gain new territory. In the end, U. S. goals were overwhelmingly achieved. They succeeded in securing Cuban independence, removing Spanish forces from the Americas, establishing themselves as a world and military power, and also accomplished much more, with minimal losses. another(prenominal) positive outcomes from the war include a positive change in the army, a surge in the economy, and as well as a strong international political influence.Senator Thurston of Nebraska said to begin with the war War with Spain would increase the business and earnings of every American railroad, it would increase the output of every Amer ican factory, and it would stimulate every branch of industry and domestic commerce. All of these predictions, indeed, turned out to be results of the Spanish-American War. The United States, both as a nation and as a people, prospered tremendously from this war. The United States expect as an imperialistic power occurred during the Spanish-American War.